Simon Griffiths

Simon Griffiths

Deputy Director

National Procurement Service

Since June 2014 Simon has been appointed Head of Category Management and Deputy Director at National Procurement Service, where he is responsible for a team of procurement professionals procuring contracts for common and repetitive spend items and services across Wales.

At the heart of his work is the implementation of the newly developed NPS standard operating procedures which aim to deliver the principles of the Welsh Procurement Policy Statement. To achieve this he relies on the input of colleagues from 73 public sector organisations, all of which contribute to strategy development for the categories that are procured once for Wales.

The NPS operates in seven  key categories:  Construction & Facilities Management, Corporate & Business Support Services, Fleet & Transport, Information & Communications Technology, People Services & Utilities, Professional Services and Food & Drink.

Simon‘s primary responsibility is to ensure that the implementation of strategy and the use of commercial tactics, complement rather than conflict with each other. This will ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability, leading to better outcomes for the Welsh Public Sector, and more importantly for its Citizens.